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Hotel Excelsior is in a prime location on the North Sea coast and is the ideal starting point for a wealth of tourist attractions and activities. Here our top 10 to help you make the most of your stay in Middelkerke.


Middelkerke is the ideal starting point for a cycle ride or walking tour. There is a network of scenic cycle or walking routes for young and old that take you along the coast and through the dunes and polders.

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Villa Les Zephyrs

Inside this seaside villa you will find the original interior designed by the famous Art Nouveau architect Henri Van de Velde. In this small museum you can experience a typical family holiday setting of the 1930s.


A pleasant walk with the children?

Then the Normandpark is the ideal location. The 'Central Park' of Middelkerke is located in the centre of Middelkerke-Bad. Not only will you be able to relax, but the kids can have fun on the largest and most popular playground of our municipality.

Yser Estuary Nature Reserve

The mudflats and salt marshes of the Yser Estuary are teeming with life. A rich variety of algae and seaweed thrive here. These microscopic plants strengthen the mud flats thereby enabling plant species such as samphire to grow. Underwater life is a rich collection of shellfish, worms, slugs, crustaceans, etc. At low tide, some areas dry up creating salt marshes where many plant species grow. These marshes also attract wading birds such as curlews, dunlins and oyster catchers that come for their daily feed.

Middelkerke Comic Town

Middelkerke can certainly call itself the comic town of Flanders: along the seafront you will find bronze statutes of Flanders most famous comic heroes, there is an annual comic festival and during the summer there is a huge comic character maze.

Nature walks through the Warande dunes

The dune area between Middelkerke and Westende is over 32.6 hectares in size. It lies right next to the sea and is a narrow dune belt that is 2.2 km long and 185m wide. The area is managed by Natuurpunt who ensure that this precious natural resource is preserved.

Along the metalled footpaths you can enjoy a magnificent view of the reserve. If you would like to learn more, you can take part in guided walks during the summer months. The walks set out from the water tower in Middelkerke. 

The beach and seafront promenade

Enjoy the stunning sunsets, sunbathe on the beach in fine weather or cycle on a go-cart along the promenade. The beach and the sea offer something for everyone.

Themed weekends in Middelkerke

Various themed weekends are organized in Middelkerke throughout the year:
Fish weekend
Beer weekend
Agricultural weekend
Autumn weekend
Champagne weekend

These weekends are always a great success and involve a wide range of activities.

Middelkerke Casino

In the fall of 2018 the construction of a new casino building in Middelkerke will start. During these renovations, the casino guests can visit "Grand Casino Middelkerke". In "Bistro Bonaparte", the visitors can enjoy a variation of snacks and meals. Of course, you can also place a bet in the Casino. Apart from the traditional casino games such as Blackjack, Roulette or Casino Stud Poker, you can also try your luck on one of the slot machines.

Westgolf - Westende

Do you want to test your golf skills? You can go to Westgolf in Westende. This golf course is located between Nieuwpoort and Middelkerke. Enjoy daily specials at "Resto Westgolf" in a green setting.